Crossfit by the Mill Interviews

Crossfit by the Mill is a CrossFit center for everyone. It’s important to them that the quality is at is best in regards to the training, the instructors as well as the equipment. Crossfit by the Mill finds it important to have a motivating and inspiring training environment so people enjoy their time there and want to continue coming back.


Subtitles, Video Editing, 
Video Production, Video Recording


After Effects
Premiere Pro


Start Date: 09-10-17
Launch Date: 16-10-17


Crossfit by the Mill has a bootcamp of 8 weeks and they would like to have interviews recorded for some of the participants about their experience with it. The videos should be used for marketing and social media.  


I showed up at Crossfit by the Mill one day after one of the training sessions were over. Here I met with the owner of Crossfit by the Mill and the three interviewees. A new training session was about to start, so we couldn’t record the video in the crossfit hall due to the music being too loud. Instead, we decided to record the videos in the owner’s office.

When we got to the office I set up my equipment and the owner showed me the questions. We agreed that she would be asking the questions and I told her that it’s very common that the one asking the questions would like to react or acknowledge the answers of the interviewee, but in order for the video to be put together without her asking the questions it was important that she didn’t interrupt the interviewees answers. Afterward, I then told the interviewees that when they answer the questions it would be great if they could start their answer by incorporating the question so the viewer knew what they were answering.

We then started recording the interviews, and after we were done recording those I went to the crossfit hall to record some footage from the training session to use for the interview videos so it wouldn’t just be a person talking in the video. Before leaving I took some pictures of a graffiti wall they had in the crossfit hall since I from the very beginning had imagined that to be the background for the interviews, but due to the music in the hall it wasn’t possible to record the interviews there.

Next, I began to edit the footage, the first step was to crop out the background from the footage recorded in the office and replace it with the graffiti wall. Then I created some lower thirds graphics in the colors of Crossfit by the Mill for each interviewee.  Afterward, I put the interview footage together with the training session recordings and then found some fitting music to go along with the interview.

When all three videos had been edited I send them to Crossfit by the Mill for approval, after receiving the green light I then created subtitles for each video and delivered all the material to Crossfit by the Mill.


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