Logos 2017

In 2017 I created some logos for different people and companies. These logos can be found on this page with a short description of each.


PartyAmok didn’t have a logo, so as part of my graduation project for the Multimedia Design & Communication education, I made them one. PartyAmok’s most important product was their slush ice machine, thus the logo share characteristics with slush ice. The gradient used in the text goes from a red slush ice color to a blue one, as it would if you mix the two in a plastic cup. Then there’s the little mascot at the end of the logo, to give PartyAmok something recognizable for their target group.

PartyAmok logo


VegeTarzan didn’t have a logo either, and needed one for their Facebook page. They wanted the logo to include a Tarzan like character with a spear, a jungle background with lots of fruit and the text ‘VegeTarzan’. I did my best to meet VegeTarzan’s wishes and ended up with a very happy customer.

VegeTarzan logo


During my internship at UCN I was asked if I could make a logo for the staff association of business and technology called ‘TekBiz’. They wanted the logo to be round so it could be used as stickers, and some text about the staff association. At UCN there’s different departments, and these have different color codes. The business and technology department uses a blue color, so I decided to incorporate that in the logo.

TekBiz logo