Tour de Aalborg

Crossfit by the Mill is a crossfit center for everyone. It’s important to them that the quality is at is best in regards to the training, the instructors as well as the equipment. Crossfit by the Mill finds it important to have a motivating and inspiring training environment so people enjoy their time there and want to continue coming back.


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Start Date: 09-09-17
Launch Date: 15-09-17


Crossfit by the Mill had a summer event called “Tour de Aalborg” where the participants were going to be competing against each other by collecting points from different posts scattered around the city of Aalborg. They would like to create a video of the event, to show others some of the fun stuff they do as well as the fact that crossfit is for everyone.


I met with Crossfit at the Mill and their participants at “Skovdalen Atletikstadion”, where the participants were given maps of where to go. I would be recording footage throughout the day from the different posts, and would be driving with the owner and one of the coaches to get around to all of them in time. We only had approximately between 5 – 10 minutes at each post so most of the footage was a one take and then on to the next one.


When the event was over and all the participants had returned to “Skovdalen Atletikstadion”, we took a group photo of everyone to include in the video. After that I went home and began sorting the footage into the different posts to make sure I would get around to everything in the video. When the footage had been sorted, I then began editing and putting it all together along with some fitting music for the event.


Then I send the video to Crossfit by the Mill for approval and uploaded it to YouTube so they could share it on their social media.


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