The Company

For my internship, I had the full responsibility to create two animated marketing videos for the education ‘Energimanagement’. The two videos where to showcase two different points of views when it comes to an internship. One perspective was from the student, and what they gain from having an internship. While the other perspective was from the companies having interns, and what that gave them.

There had been recorded some raw footage before, but it was in such bad quality that it couldn’t be used. I was to take inspiration from the raw footage in order to create the characters as well as their stories. After watching the raw footage I started writing the scripts and creating the storyboards. When they had been approved I started making the characters and backgrounds for the animations. Then they were approved as well, and I started animating the videos.

This video is the first draft from the company's perspective, if you want to watch the video from the students' perspective you can click here.