Animated Explainer for ANCHOR

Animation | Storyboarding 

Group of Entrepreneurs



For an EU Ledger project, a group of entrepreneurs needed an animated video to explain their concept. Their idea involved an application that should make it easier to carry your medical files and information with you at all times.   


After our first talk where the concept of the ANCHOR app was explained, I started creating a storyboard. I decided to go with an approach where there would be asked a question and then show how the app could help. When the 1st draft for the storyboard was done, we had another talk. Here we decided on some minor changes, and I added these to a new version of the storyboard which was then approved on our next talk.


The deadline for the video was within a week, so we agreed that it would be better to find assets that I could use, instead of using time on creating them from scratch. This would give me more time to actually animate the video. I had a premium account on and used that to find the assets I needed.

Because of the premium account, I don’t need to attribute the creator of the characters, but they were so easy to animate and saved me a lot of time so I’ll link the creator’s account here.


After having found all the assets I needed, I began by making them ready for animation. Then I began working in After Effects, where I would create a composition for each scene of the storyboard. This makes it easier for me to keep track of where I am, but also helps me find the correct scene if changes need to be made.

Whenever I was done with animating a scene, I would send it for review. If it was approved I would continue working on the next scene, and if not I would create the changes, and we would go back and forward until the scene had been approved.

When I had animated all the scenes I exported these and brought them over to Premiere Pro. Here I began editing the video and putting it all together with music and subtitles. 


I sent the 1st draft of the final video, and the group of entrepreneurs were all very happy with the outcome.


Do you have a project in mind that you would like to be a reality? Don’t hesitate to contact me, I’d gladly answer any questions you might have. I’m always up for a challenge and I would love nothing more than to help you make your dream project come true!