Getting Client Feedback on Design Projects

Getting client feedback is an essential part of the design process. It allows us as designers to get a clear idea of what our clients want and need, and it helps us to produce designs that meet the needs of the clients.However, getting client feedback can be difficult. This is because many clients are not […]

The purpose of a website

I’m a firm believer that a website without a purpose is nothing special. When you get a website, you should have a reasoning behind it. There needs to be a goal, and these can be anything from increasing awareness to improving conversion rates. Whatever purpose you set for your website, there should be some objective […]

What is a V-shaped skillset

Many of us start out with a so-called T-shaped skill set, where you know a lot about a certain skill and the basics of some complementary skills. Over the years, we may start digging into these complementary skills that can support our core skill. As we learn more about these secondary skills, the T-shape slowly […]

Podcasts recommendations

I absolutely enjoy listening to podcasts. It’s an awesome platform, and you can find pretty much anything your heart desires. Personally, I listen to a lot of design podcasts, but also podcasts about my other interests, like sports or some nerdy stuff like greek mythology 🤓 Anyway, today it’s about the design podcasts. I figured […]

Working in a startup vs. large corporation

Ever wondered whether a startup or large corporation is the right fit for you? There are pros and cons for both, and in the end, it all comes down to preferences and which environment fits your needs and goals. From my own experiences, I feel very at home in startups/scaleups. I enjoy the very unique […]