What is a Full-Stack Designer?

“Malou, what is it you do exactly?” “I’m a Full-Stack Designer.” “Right… and what is that?” Honestly, I get it! Allow me to explain. You’ve probably heard about a Full-Stack Developer, well it’s the equivalent of that but for design. It means being a multidisciplinary designer who thinks of projects more holistically. I can be […]

Why do you need a portfolio

I’ve always found it a little strange when some designers don’t have a portfolio. I guess it’s because I learned early in my career, how much of an impact it made that I had one. The thing is, one of the reasons I got my first job, was because I was the only applicant who […]

Hello World!

Greetings fellow internet users! I guess I should start by introducing myself, I’m Malou Sloth. I have worked with Digital Design for 5+ years now, and specialize in digital projects for startups. Over the years, I’ve been working both in-house, at agencies, and freelance. What will I post about here? I want to share what […]