Danphone Animation

Danphone provides coastal radio, NAVTEX, AIS systems and test equipment for radio inspections in the maritime sector. Danphone have developed test boxes by the name Futronic, and these serve classification societies, equipment manufacturers, radio inspectors and maritime service providers worldwide.


Graphic Design


After Effects, Illustrator,
Premiere Pro


Start Date: 16-04-18
Launch Date: 07-05-18


Danphone wanted a short animated video, approximately 30 seconds, where they could show of their all-in-one test boxes Futronic. They already had an idea for the video in which some different measuring instruments should fall down into a machine and create the Futronic. Afterwards the engineer would hand the radio inspector the Futronic and then he would board a ship.


Danphone had material for the video that their previous graphic designer had created in form of character design and backdrops for an office and a harbor. These were sent to me in the beginning of the process and I started making the characters in different positions.

After having created the different assets I started animating the video in After Effects. When the animation was done I found some fitting music and put it all together in Premiere Pro. I then send Danphone the first draft for the video and received feedback.

Through the feedback we agreed that there was some small changes that needed to be made, like adding a couple of items to the scenes like shelves and a rope for the office scene, and a ramp for the harbor scene. They also wanted more focus on the Futronic machine when it was created as well as the engineer and radio inspector to celebrate this.

I then began editing the video to fit the new criteria and send Danphone the second draft. They were happy with the result and had in the meantime talked about also having a short version of the video. The short version should be more or less the same, but with some of the ending removed. It was important however to show the Futronic at the harbor, so the viewer could still make the connection to the maritime.


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