MARCOD Interviews

MARCOD is a maritime center that strengthens and facilitates maritime businesses, networks, and competencies in an internationally recognized maritime environment.


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Kenneth Esbensen


Start Date: 16-06-17
Launch Date: 24-06-17


MARCOD wanted to interview some different people in the maritime businesses. The interviews were meant to show all the different possibilities and aspects there is when working in the maritime.


Kenneth and I were to interview four different people, from four different places. We conducted three of the interviews in one day, and the last interview the following week.

The first place we went to was WRIST, here we spoke with the interviewee Natalie. Kenneth spoke with Natalie about the process and how we would like her to answer the questions by repeating the question itself at the beginning of her answer. Meanwhile, I was setting up the camera and the microphone. When we were ready to record Kenneth was asking the questions and I was recording the footage. After a couple of recordings, we went to look around WRIST and record some B-roll footage.

Next stop on the day was DESMI, and then Logimatic. Here the process was the same as at WRIST.

The following week we interviewed Mikkel who used to be a first mate for Mærsk Supply Service but was currently in between jobs. Therefore we didn’t have a location to go to, so we set up space in a classroom at UCN where we could record. Other than that the process was the same as before.

Now that we had all the footage for the interviews it was time to start editing. I started with creating some title graphics for each interviewee and then putting together the interview footage with the B-roll footage. Afterward, I found some fitting music that could go with all the videos, so the viewer would be aware that these videos were a series.

I send the final videos to Kenneth, who then passed them along to MARCOD.


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