My Body is a Wonderland

UCN (University College Nordjylland) is a technical college with four areas; Business, Education/Social Studies, Health, and Technology. UCN’s focus is on “Real Life Education” and they work closely with companies, so the students can work on real-life cases.


Motion Graphics,
Video Editing,
Video Production


Sara M. Olesen,


Start Date: 30-11-17
Launch Date: 05-12-17


The physiotherapy department of UCN had paid a professional photographer to take some images of their students with tattoos. Along with the images was a statement from the student on the image telling what their tattoos meant to them. UCN would like the images along with the statements to be made into a short video for their social media. 


We started the project by discussing ideas with our contact person at UCN and receiving the images along with the student’s statements.

We had creative freedom and wanted to create a video that could spark a debate on tattoos, both in terms of that you can’t always be sure of the meaning of a tattoo but also wanting to hear what other peoples tattoos meant to them.

We began working on the video. It was important to us that the video was fast passed so people wouldn’t get bored with looking at the images and text. Since images are static content we had to come up with a way to create movement in the video, this was done by making different transitions between images. After the video was put together the final step was to find the right music to fit the mood of the video.


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