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I absolutely enjoy listening to podcasts. It’s an awesome platform, and you can find pretty much anything your heart desires. Personally, I listen to a lot of design podcasts, but also podcasts about my other interests, like sports or some nerdy stuff like greek mythology 🤓

Anyway, today it’s about the design podcasts. I figured I’d share some of my favorites, in no particular order, with you here and maybe you’d like to check them out.

1. Creative Pep Talk

Not a design podcast per se, but host Andy talks about creativity and how to build a thriving business. The name is also very fitting, as I’m always in a good mood after having listened to one of these “Pep Talks”, he is a very enthusiastic host, which I really enjoy.

2. Design Life

I love the Design Life podcast. The hosts Charli and Femke talk about side projects and have conversations about issues we may face in the creative industry. They have a great dynamic, and it’s probably one of the podcasts I’ve taken the most lessons away from.

3. Honest UX Talks

A podcast talking about everything UX, from challenges, portfolios, and career. Hosts Anfisa and Ioana share their personal experiences with real clients, and there are some good lessons about how to work with clients.

4. Overtime

Dribbble’s podcast Overtime isn’t active at the moment, but all the previous episodes are available. I love the energy from host Meg on this podcast, as she covers design news and tips for creating good design work.

5. User Defenders

Was I drawn to this podcast because of the superhero vibes? Yes. Did I stay because Jason is a great host, has awesome guests, and covers a lot of different topics from UX to front-end as well as personal growth? Also yes.

If you also listen to podcasts and have some recommendations, feel free to leave a comment 👇

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