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Collecting all the information for your successful growth

I want you to feel like you’re in good hands from the very first call. If you after the first call decide that it could be a possibility to work together, then I’ll set up a discovery session, where we talk a little bit more in-depth about your business, and the goals and needs for your project. After this session, I will estimate the time and price of the project, and send you a proposal.

If you agree to the proposal, there are now a variety of things we can get started on, depending on your needs from the discovery session. Some of these could be a brand strategy, the goals, and objectives of the project, market research, user personas, visual references, content requirements, sitemap, and user flow.

When we’re done exploring the strategy for your business, I’ll be well equipped to dive into the design session.

Strategy process
Design step

Tailored design for your business goals

Now that we have a strategy for your business, it’s time to work some design magic. I’ll start the process by creating some wireframes for the project. The idea behind this is to get the structure of the product right, both in terms of layout and content. I might run some early user tests in this phase as well, to make sure the structure is logical, in terms of what they’re trying to achieve when using your product.

When we are satisfied with how the layout and content are structured, the next step is to incorporate the brand identity. Here I’ll use the wireframes to create some mockups, so you get an idea of how the final outcome of the product will actually look. I can also make a prototype of the product, so you get an idea of how it’ll work as well.

After you have approved the final design of the mockups, it’s time to make your product a reality!

Web Development

Mobile-first development, so no user is left behind

With the design in place, it’s time to make it a reality. I always make sure that the website is responsive, and works on all devices from desktop to mobile.

You will receive a link for the staging site, so you can follow the process, as the website is build. While building the site, I’ll also add some basic SEO for each page, so you can have organic traffic from search results when the website goes live.

When the website is finished, we will look through it together, just to make sure that everything is as we talked about during the design process. When you’re satisfied and happy with the result, the next step is to launch the website!

Development step
Launch step

Time to be a part of cyberspace

This is the part where it gets really exciting! Now that I have developed the website, and you’re happy with the result, it’s time to move the website from a staging environment to live! When the website is live, there are still some things that I will set up.

First thing I’ll add when the website is live is an SSL certificate, so your site can ensure secure online transactions, and to keep your visitors information private and safe.

Next I’ll go to Google Analytics, and create some key performance indicators, on the basis of the goals we talked about for your website. I will also set up some basic statistics for your website’s views and visitors.

If you need domain specific emails, these will also be created.


Are we done now? Never!

The beautiful thing about the internet is that everything is always evolving and changing. For a small monthly fee of 200 DKK, you can get a maintenance plan.

Now, what does a maintenance plan include then?

  • Updates to your website (both frontend and backend), thus making sure everything runs smoothly, and that there will be no security issues.
  • Monthly backups.
  • Gain insight into your website’s performance with monthly reports, containing statistics about key performance indicators, views and visitors etc..
Maintenance step