Rebrand 2019

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As I’ve started to understand who I am as a designer, I decided that it was time for a rebrand of my personal brand. I wanted my personal brand to better mirror who I am and what I do.​

Before starting I did some brand exploration, here I defined some words that were important to my personal brand, both in tone and feel. These words were: Playful, Empathic, Positive, Adventurous, Collaborative, Visionary, and Modern.

I kept these words in mind during the entire process, to make sure my personal brand would feel authentic to who I am.


I created the old logo for my very first portfolio back in 2016. The idea was simple, my last name is Sloth and I’ve always found sloths to be a fun animal, so I thought, why not? It’s literally right there.

The color choice for the logo was because I associate pink with being a playful and youthful color. However, I’m not gonna lie, I also really like the color in general, and since this is my personal brand I thought it was a perfect fit.

With the above in place, I created the logo. As the last couple of years have gone by, I have found some usage issues when it comes to the old logo. The biggest issue was that it was hard to use on certain things due to the color, and it only became worse because I couldn’t have some alternative of the logo that was either completely white or black, due to the details of the sloths face. Another issue was, that unless you knew who I was and knew my name, you wouldn’t understand the meaning behind the logo.

With the idea of a rebrand, I decided that now would be a good time to give the logo a remake. 

I still really liked the overall design of the logo but wanted to make it more simple. So instead of the detailed sloth face, I created a silhouette of the head and kept it one color. By doing this, I achieved my wish of being able to have an alternate logo in white, for occasions where the pink wouldn’t fit as well. I also solved my problem with people not understanding the meaning behind the logo, by creating an alternate combination logo. Here I replaced the “o” in my last name with the sloth silhouette, and since it now was in a single color, it didn’t stand out as much as when I had tried doing this with the old logo. The old logo version of this never became a reality because it looked weird due to too much detail.

Design Assets

I like to collect designs that I think look good, and I started to discover a pattern. I would save things that had a fun and playful style, which I later discovered was referred to as “Memphis Style”. I looked into this a little more and it was right down my alley! 

I created some geometric shapes and patterns that I could use throughout my visual identity, both online and on print

Business Cards

Having created the design assets, I now had a good idea of how I wanted to use them. There should be a consistent theme throughout all my material, everything from my CV to my website.

I began by creating my business cards. Here I used my brand color and contrast color along with the design assets that I had created. The purpose of the business cards was to have something I could easily hand out at conferences and coffee meetings, if they needed my personal information.


For the website, I had some ideas of things I wanted to change. One of these was that I wanted a onepage as the homepage, to keep all the information easily accessible for the visitor. I didn’t want them to change between pages to find information, like the about me and contact section, as you would on my old website.

Another idea was to cut down on the number of portfolio projects shown, and instead pick the 3 best ones, with the possibility to add up to 6 but no more than that.

In terms of the portfolio projects, I also moved these up right below the hero section. This is my portfolio website after all, so I figured it made a lot more sense to put them as one of the first things you see. 

On the old website, below the hero section was a “What I Do” section. Here I explained the areas that I worked in. Instead of using this space for that, I added it to the hero section and also a little more in the about section.

On the old about page, I had my CV written out, I didn’t want this in the new section because it would take up too much space. Instead, I wanted to add a button where you could download my CV if you wanted to.

Last but not least, I wanted to include pictures of myself to make the website more personal.   

With all of the ideas above, I started by creating some different mockups with the ideas and iterated on these until I was satisfied. Here I added the touch of the design assets as well, which really made it all come together nicely.

Then I began creating the page. Here I added some interaction elements, an example of this is that on the mockup I have the same image in the hero and contact section, the reason behind this was that I wanted it to have a scrolling effect when I came around to actually making the page.


In the end, I had created a personal brand that I felt was authentic to who I was. Designing for yourself is not an easy task, as you’re never fully satisfied, but I do really love the final outcome of my 2019 personal rebrand.


Do you have a project in mind that you would like to be a reality? Don’t hesitate to contact me, I’d gladly answer any questions you might have. I’m always up for a challenge and I would love nothing more than to help you make your dream project come true!