SkyFlok iOS UI

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Chocolate Cloud



SkyFlok needed the UI designed for an iOS App of its already existing web app.  

SkyFlok is a product of Chocolate Cloud. SkyFlok is a multi-cloud storage solution designed to help small businesses share and store encrypted files across the globe.


Marcell Fehér the CTO of Chocolate Cloud had already created wireframes for the app, these were handed over to me and gave me a good starting point. 

Web App

I looked at the web app and took a lot of inspiration from here, both in terms of color scheme, fonts, and icons. I wanted people who already used the web app to feel like the iOS App environment was familiar and thus easy to use.

UI Design

I started by reading up on UI design for iOS to make sure that the interface and functionalities would comply with their rules, in order for it to be published in the app store. 

Then I began by fleshing out the UI of the wireframes I had received, as can be seen above. You will notice that there are only 6 screens, where there had been 8 wireframes, this is due to the 3 different suggestions for the “Team Files” screen has been merged into one design. 

It soon became clear that interaction, in terms of the user experience, hadn’t been taken into account when creating the wireframes. So I began adding in extra screens, like an onboarding experience, how it would look when you clicked the add button, created a folder, had an empty folder, uploaded a file, searched your files and sorted them as well.


After a few minor iterations, Chocolate Cloud were happy with the look and feel of the UI.

In the end, the app sadly never saw the light of the day due to fundings running low.


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