SkyFlok is a product of Chocolate Cloud. SkyFlok is a multi-cloud storage solution designed to help small businesses share and store encrypted files across the globe.


Character Creation,


After Effects
Premiere Pro


Start Date: 10-11-17
Launch Date: 05-04-18


While working for Chocolate Cloud we wanted an animated video to show and tell how the new product SkyFlok worked. There would be a long version and a short version.


I was working on the animated video in between other tasks. The first thing I did was to take the introduction story that was already written for Skyflok and remove some of the things to make it shorter. The introduction story would serve as the script for the video.

When the script for the video was finished, I created a storyboard for the video. This was sent to my boss so he could see the concept I had for the story and for approval. He approved the concept and I began working on the characters.

The introduction story was based on a small business owner named Paul. Therefore I started with creating some different types of characters with different characteristics, hair and facial hair, face and features as well as different clothes, to get the look of Paul. I then send the different character assets to my boss and he then put together the pieces he liked to get the look he wanted from Paul. I then created the final version of Paul from my boss feedback. Now we had the style of the characters in place since the remaining ones would be created in Pauls image.

I discussed the video with the marketing department, and we agreed that it would give the video a nice feel if it was created in sketchy outlines, so the characters and objects seemed like they were drawn for each frame.

After having created all the characters, I moved on to creating the different scenes. For each scene, there were different assets and some different backdrops. All of this was created in Illustrator to make it easier when beginning the animation in After Effects.

We had hired a voice actor to do the voice over for the video. When we received the voice over I cut the recording into small bits, so they would fit the scenes. This would make it easier when deciding how long a scene would take.

When all the scenes were set as well, I was ready to begin animating. The process here was that I would animate a scene, send it to the head of our marketing department, receive feedback and change things in the scene accordingly to this until we were happy with the outcome of the scene.

After having animated all the scenes it was time to put the final video together. When the video had been edited I found some music to go along with it.

The long version of the video was now finished, and it was time to create the short version. For the short version, it was important to get to the point right away. I cut out some parts from the long version until we were happy with the content of the short one.


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