What Do I Use The Different Creative Cloud Programs For?

Let me take you on a little tour of how a Digital Designer uses Creative Cloud.
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In my profession, Adobe’s Creative Cloud is a must. I use A LOT of the programs in the package for different areas of my work. Some I use on a daily basis and some I use less often but they all play a part. Now let me take you on a little tour of how a Digital Designer uses Creative Cloud.

After Effects

After Effects, I use for a variety of things. On top of that list are animations and motion graphics. After Effects plays nicely with the other CC programs and I often use Illustrator for creating assets and character designs and then bring them into After Effects. I also use After Effects for visual effects and graphics like lower thirds for interviews.


Dreamweaver is my text editor. I use this if I have to make a website from scratch with pure HTML and CSS. You can see the site live as you’re building which is very nice. Other than websites I also use Dreamweaver to create email signatures.  


I use Illustrator A LOT, it is my go-to Creative Cloud program. Illustrator is what I use for creating logos, graphics, illustrations, and design proposals. The cool thing about Illustrator is that it’s a vector tool so everything created here can be printed at any size.    


InDesign is my print tool. I use it to create business cards, flyers, posters, books (both for print but also eBooks), magazines, rollups and whatever else you can think of in terms of print.

Premiere Pro

I use Premiere Pro for video editing. This is both in terms of promotional videos and interviews, but also to put my animated scenes from After Effects together.


Photoshop is probably every person working with design’s first love. I primarily use Photoshop for photo editing, manipulation, and retouching. Photoshop is also where I create mockups and blog post images.


Adobe XD is my latest obsession. This program has made it so easy to work with UI and UX that I’m actually amazed by its power. I use this for creating UI and UX for apps and web design as well as for prototyping.