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Get a WordPress website that delivers results

A great website, which is optimized to get new customers, is like having a salesperson who works around the clock.

Now you're probably thinking, Malou...

How do you make a WordPress website that delivers?

Many components must work together to create a website that yields results.
Here are some of the most important elements of a sales-driven website:

Great design

The web is a busy and hard-fought place, and people don’t have much patience. Your website needs to be different and grab the customer’s attention fast.

User friendly

Visitors often come to your website because they have an issue to fix. To make sure they get the help they need quickly, make sure your website gives them the solution in a few steps.


Structure is essential for a successful website. Easy navigation not only boosts sales, but also helps with search engine optimization.

Creative text

It is important to use convincing words on your website to grab people’s attention and lead them to buy. Make sure to create a straightforward route for them to follow.

Easy to manage

My goal is to remove the worry of having to reach out to your web agency all the time for even small changes. It is important that you can manage your own content.


You take care of your car by getting regular maintenance. In the same way, it’s important to take care of your website. I’m here to help with that too!

Over 150+ WordPress websites in the bag

I have helped companies in many different industries, do you want to be next?

I have helped many companies get their online presence in place, be it through the entire process from strategy to launch, or in certain aspects of their journey where they needed my skills.

I have designed websites for many different industries and have had the pleasure of working with clients in the following industries:

You can see examples of my work for some of the companies I have helped by clicking on the link below.

This is what the process looks like

3 steps to a WordPress website that delivers

1. Book a meeting

Regardless of whether you think your website looks good or bad, I would recommend that you book a meeting with me if it is not attracting new customers to you. Then there is something to work on.

2. Design & Setup

During the meeting, I would like to learn more about you and your company. Share your goals with me so that I can create a strategy that is tailored to your needs and desires.

3. More customers

When potential customers now land on your website, it should be engaging and compel them to take action.

WordPress is the right choice for your business

In 2023, WordPress is still the most used CMS

Not only is it the most used CMS, it is also still the fastest growing. So what does this mean for you and your company?

It means that you get a platform that is constantly developing and is future-proof. In addition, it is a platform that is user-friendly and easy to learn. Add to that the fact that today there are builders such as Elementor, which means that you can build a tailored website exactly according to your wishes. Look, it’s a delicious cocktail!

WordPress has been a huge player on the market for a long time, and that also means that there are a lot of plugins that can help you achieve just the functionalities you want on your site.

43% of ALL websites on the web are built with WordPress, so why not yours too?

What does it cost?

A WordPress website is an investment that pays off

No two companies are the same, so I have chosen to set up 3 different packages.

Small Website


Standard Website


Professionel Hjemmeside


Not sure what to choose?

Do you have questions?

I answer the questions I get most often about websites below

I think every business should have a website. A website is like a virtual store, where you can show the world your products and services. You can still find customers even if you don’t have a website, but not having a secure and professional website can hurt people’s trust in your business.

So, whether you want to create a strategic online presence or just make sure you have a website for your customers sake, I can help.

I would always recommend hiring a professional web designer as there are potential dangers with not doing so. An amateur web design might look okay, but the website could have broken links, take a long time to load, and not be adapted to small screens.

This could end up being more expensive than hiring a professional web designer as potential customers may decide to look elsewhere for a better experience. User experience and conversion go hand in hand, and I offer websites at reasonable prices that guarantee customers remain on your website and come back.

No, you will be in charge of your website’s domain name and hosting. This will give you total authority over the domain and website files if you ever choose to move. I can suggest some dependable hosting providers, and I will still do the migration of your website, making it easy for you.

Yes, I always make sure that all websites I create have an SSL certificate, which you can see as a small padlock in the URL bar. Your digital security is very important, and having an SSL certificate also makes your customers feel more secure, so I never launch a website without one.

No! I don’t like making clients sign contracts that last for years. I want to work with you because you need something I can help you with. With me, you pay for the design and creation of the website, and you will own it completely when it’s done.

If you want to buy more services after the website is done, you can buy a service agreement that’s paid for each month, and you can always stop at the end of the next month.

After you accept an offer and I receive the material for the website, the process usually takes around two weeks. I strive to make the process as smooth and fast as possible, so you can get your website up and running quickly.

If you don’t have images for your website, I can help you find good stock images from free or paid sources. To get the right images for your company, I need your help in choosing them.

No! I have clients from Denmark and abroad. I communicate with them through email and video calls.

No, developing your website does not involve SEO every month. Google will still see all the content on your website (pictures, words, and videos), but this does not guarantee that your website will be on the first page.

Technical SEO is always included, so if you want to do monthly SEO later, that’s easy.

To make your website appear higher up in Google searches, I suggest a monthly SEO service. You can find more info on my SEO packages here.

I always encourage you to write and provide all the text you want for your website. After all, you know your business best.

If you want someone to reword or create new content for you, I can arrange it with a collaboration partner for €115 an hour. Payment must be made before the work is done so that I can pay my partner.

You have 100% ownership of your website. Once it is online, I won’t make any more changes to it unless you buy a service agreement.

I would like to showcase it in my own marketing materials though.

It’s important that I get all the info and materials I need to create the content pages once you accept an offer. This includes contact details, your logo, images, and text. I’ll let you know what I need from you. If you need help with any of these, I can call on some great collaborators.

Your personal WordPress Consultant

Not just another agency that doesn't deliver on their promises

Have you been burned by an agency that hasn’t kept what they promised? Then, unfortunately, you are not the first. When you choose me as your personal WordPress consultant, you get a collaboration based on communication, honesty and trust.

No long contracts and bonds, no gun sales. Just 100% honest advice, with your and your company’s best interests in mind. I want you to be successful with your WordPress website project, and to feel that the process is easy to follow.

You get a contact person from start to finish, and that’s me. If this sounds like something for you, let’s have a free, no-obligation chat about your wishes and needs. I look forward to a good collaboration!